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What is HIPS™?

HIPS stands for Hobbies, Interests, Pastimes and Sports.

The Oxford dictionary defines these as:

'Hobby' - a favourite subject or occupation that is not one’s main business
'Interest' - something that excites curiosity or attention
'Pastime' - a recreation, game or sport
'Sport' - an activity for exercise, pleasure or competition.

Their common denominator for you is enjoyment!

HIPSfinder is helping to delete the word ‘boredom’ from the UK’s vocabulary.

HIPSfinder.com is:

  • a UK-wide online initiative to promote active interest in leisure
  • a complete, leisure time reference source – that’s FREE
  • a FREE matchmaker to over 900 leisure interests, and growing. Click here to find a HIPS   and find other people who do it HIPS Club Finder
  • a sophisticated database providing valuable targeted advertising opportunities – for exploiting crazes as they take off HIPS Ad Finder is powerful tool

HIPS™ is constantly evolving as the leisure scene evolves and as new internet tools become available. Google Maps and Google directions are our latest additions. See, we even help you to get there!

HIPSfinder covers all the familiar HIPS and some very exciting and interesting ones you probably never knew existed! It’s a voyage of discovery. Have fun exploring!

Nationally-recognised bodies for many activities are helping us keep the information up-to-date and are working with us to get all their clubs listed.

*All HIPS submitted will be entered into the HIPS Database, however not all HIPS will be published. Those that are illegal, offensive or of a sexual nature will not appear as part of the main stream search. HIPS is an ethical and family orientated company and its decision on all matters is final.

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