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Diabolo is an entertaining, non competitive circus skill. consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks held one in each hand. A huge variety of tricks are possible using the sticks, string, and various body parts.

Diabolo formerly also known as "the devil on two sticks", evolved from the yo-yo. Diabolo has for generations been a popular world wide children's pastime, and also a highly skilled circus entertainment.

Diabolos are best practised outdoors, but can be used anywhere, indoors or out, space and particularly height permitting.

Children from as young as five or six years can perform simple tricks with a diabolo. Diabolo however can give a lifetime of pleasure as there is always a new trick or skill to learn.

Like most new skills patience and determination are essential to gaining the basic skill. once this is achieved hand eye co-ordination will be improved, and you will rapidly include many gymnastic and other circus skills into your diabolo routine.

The most basic act of diabolo manipulation is to cause the spool to spin whilst suspended from the string. This is usually achieved by dragging the string across the axle in such a way that the friction causes the spool to roll. By repeatedly lifting one of the handsticks (for right handed people, the driving hand is typically the right), the speed can be increased by repeatably repeating the process. Once speed is obtained the diabolo will stay balanced as long as speed is maintained.

With practise and dedication there are quite literally thousands of tricks and variations that can be learned and performed, including the recent innovation of performing with two or three spools on the string simultaneously.
Diabolos come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Large/heavier ones tend to retain their momentum for longer, whereas small/light ones can be thrown higher and are easier to accelerate to high speeds. materials used include rubber, wood, metal and even glass.

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Simple plastic diabolo sets suitable for the beginner can be purchased from toy shops at around £10. More unique and advanced models suitable for tricks, or made from non standard materials can cost upwards from a £100.

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