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Astronomy is the study of celestial objects (stars, planets, comets, and galaxies, etc.) and also phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere.

Many people develop an interest in astronomy at an early age and many people even though not actually that interested in astronomy will have an interest in some aspect of what is in the sky at night or even during the day.

Astronomy is an outdoor nature hobby. Go out into the night and learn the names and patterns of the stars overhead. Or join a local group and share observations with others, from a club owned observatory.

Astronomy is a fascinating hobby for old and young alike. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN ASTRONAMY THAT MUST BE OBEYED IS NEVER TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN either with the eyes or through glasses. EVEN A QUICK GLANCE CAN ERATREIBLY DAMMAGE THE EYES.

Astronomy is a learning hobby. Its rewards come from intellectual discovery and knowledge of the night sky. The public library is probably the beginner's most important astronomical tool. The hobby requires a certain amount of self tuition.

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. Historically, amateur astronomers have contributed to many important astronomical discoveries, and astronomy is one of the few sciences where amateurs can still play an active role. The study of stars and their evolution is a major field of astronomy, and is fundamental to our understanding of the universe.

Amateur astronomy is a hobby whose participants enjoy studying celestial objects such as stars, comets, etc. It is usually associated with viewing the night sky when most celestial objects and events are visible, but sometimes amateur astronomers also operate during the day for events such as sunspots and solar eclipses. Amateur astronomers often look at the sky using nothing more than the naked eye, but common tools for amateur astronomy include portable telescopes and binoculars.

The potential for most amateur astronomer is to witness a phenomena such as Halley's comet (a once in a lifetime experience), a total eclipse of the sun or moon, or perhaps a star that has not been observed before.

Nothing for observing with the naked eye and a trip to the local library. Observers will eventually require good quality binoculars or telescope for more close-up viewing, along with star maps or charts. Some also use computer software for aids and charting which objects they've seen.

Level of Demand
The table below shows the maximum levels of demand that this activity requires. NOTE: These are not entry levels or levels of requirement and has nothing to do with ability.

  The level of energy that could be required Energy  
  The level of demand that could be required by your arms Arms  
  The level of demand that could be required by your legs Legs  
  The level of demand that could be required by your sight. Sight  
  The level of demand that could be required by your hearing. Hearing  
  The level of demand that could be required by your speech. Speech  
  The level of demand of Cerebral Learning that could occur as a direct consequence of absorbing factual information. Learning  

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