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Come on get your feet wet and join in at HIPS Finder LtdWelcome to HIPS Ad Finder™

All ads currently FREE until further notice

We know how important it is for a website to attract its' user base, without visitors on the HIPS™ website the clubs and activities will not benefit from new members via this site. So we have developed a cost effective Ads area.

Here both Club Finder™ members and members of the public can place various adverts, such as Items for Sale, Items Wanted, Upcoming Events, Club News and Announcements and so on.

Why will this work?

Our philosophy is that because our prices are so cost effective we will build a very comprehensive database which the general public will very quickly recognise as the place to go. How cheap? All ads will be available under a National search for only £1.50 per entry per week, this is cheaper than ebay and no completion fees!

  • So ...If you are new to an activity and need some second-hand kit, where can you find the exact kit for your activity?
    • Answer: HIPS Ad Finder has it all indexed for you.

  • If you are progressing in an activity and wish to upgrade, where can you sell your old items to people who are looking for it?
    • Answer: HIPS Ad Finder allows you to place an ad of any value, for only £1.50 per week with NO completion fees!

All Ads will only cost £1.50 per week

All ads currently FREE
until further notice

To see HIPS Ad Finder™ in action complete a keyword search or use our FREE Leisure time matching search and click on an activity result link. At the top of the activities page you will find a link like Ad Finder (12). The number in brackets tells you the amount of Ads to be found for this activity. Click on this link and if there are no adverts online you can follow the instructions to place an Ad.

Shortly we will bring full search facilities online but we are sure you will get to grips with the current system very quickly..

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